• Look

    Does the patient appear uncomfortable? Does the patient appear unwell? Is gait affected? Obvious swollen or deformed joint(s)? Is the patient having trouble getting up and down stairs?

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  • Recognize

    Is there a pre-existing autoimmune dysfunction? Is there a history of prior orthopedic injury, DJD, OA, RA? Other immune-related adverse effects Three subtypes of inflammatory arthritis associated with checkpoint inhibitors: Polyarthritis similar to rheumatoid arthritis True reactive arthritis with conjunctivitis, urethritis, and oligoarthritis Subtype similar to seronegative spondyloarthritis with inflammatory back pain and predominantly larger

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  • Listen

    Have symptoms worsened? Are symptoms limiting ADLs? Are symptoms increasing the patient’s risk for fall? Other safety issues? Associated symptoms? Fatigue (new or worsening)

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