Open Myc for Emerging COVID-19-Associated Fungal Infections

Join host Ilan Schwartz, MD, PhD, @GermHunterMD, along with Jeremy Gold, MD, MS, on January 31st, 2022 @ 12 pm ET for a live and interactive #OpenMyc Tweet Chat on Emerging COVID-19-Associated Fungal Infections: Cryptococcosis, Mucormycosis, and More. Ask questions of our expert panel. In addition, the following topics to be covered:

  • COVID-19-associated fungal infections: what’s emerging now vs earlier in the pandemic
  • Cases of COVID-19-associated mucormycosis in India
  • Reported clusters of COVID-19-associated mucormycosis outside of India
  • Guidance for recovering COVID-19 patients on how to avoid associated fungal infection complications
  • Reported increase in cryptococcosis in COVID-19 patients
  • Which COVID-19 patients are most at risk for cryptococcosis

Mark your calendar!