Expert Commentary on Disparities and CA-IFIs

In this video series, Dr Latesha Elopre, Assistant Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Alabama, discusses what is known about the impact of healthcare disparities on the incidence of severe COVID-19 and COVID-19—associated IFIs (CA-IFIs). She includes specific discussions regarding risks in people living with HIV and people of color.


Introduction to Dr Elopre


Who is at risk for CA-IFIs?


How can we reduce the risk for severe COVID-19?


Strategies being used in Alabama to reduce the incidence of severe COVID-19


Comorbidities that place underserved populations at risk for CA-IFIs


Risk for severe COVID-19 in people living with HIV


Research questions regarding CA-IFIs in underserved populations


Addressing barriers to care for CA-IFIs in underserved populations


A message for people of color about preventing CA-IFIs