New Informational handout!

 COVID-19 and Invasive Fungal Infections: Information for Patients and Families

Finding out that your loved one has an invasive fungal infection associated with COVID-19 can be overwhelming. Would you like a little guidance on what to expect, the questions to ask, how to interact with the team, and how to help during their hospitalization and beyond? Check out this new handout for caregivers and patients about hospitalization for a COVID-19—associated fungal infection. This handout was written by Angela Stroman, MSN, RN, of Augusta University in Georgia, who has unique expertise in this area. She has been on both sides of this issue—as a clinical research nurse in infectious diseases and as the daughter of a patient who recovered from COVID-19—associated pulmonary aspergillosis (CAPA). We hope you find this resource helpful as you and your loved one face this challenge.