Open Myc – Fungal Threats: What’s Real?

The Last of Us, a television series streaming on HBO Max, has captivated the public and raised the question: Is a fungal zombie apocalypse a real threat? Join the mycology experts who deal with fungal villains on a daily basis as they tackle the questions:

  • Is the fungus from The Last of Us a real threat?
  • What fungal infections threaten us today?
  • Are climate change and antifungal resistance making things worse?

Learn more about fungi such as CordycepsOphiocordycepsCandida aurisSporothrix, and Coccidioides, the organism that causes Valley Fever, in a special interactive Twitter Spaces (audio chat) hosted by Dr Ilan Schwartz. Also joining the discussion will be Drs Matt Kasson, Arturo Casadevall, Asiya Gusa, and Norman van Rhijn.

If you missed the discussion, please use the button below to listen to an archived version of the event: